5 Reasons You Should Choose Integrity

Sometimes it’s okay to go for the cheaper option. Buying the cheaper paper towels or pasta is okay because it works just the same as the expensive ones. This is not the case when installing a new roof. A new roof is an investment in your home or commercial building. If you decide to go with the cheapest contractor you could run into a lot of problems and sometimes end up paying more in the long run. A cheap contractor could not be licensed to work in your area or could not install your roof properly. This is why you should pick a local roofing company that is trustworthy. Integrity Roofing and Exteriors is a roofing contractor that serves  parts of Southern Illinois, Kentucky, and Missouri. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose Integrity Roofing and Exteriors for your next roofing project.

1.GAF Certified

GAF is the #1 Shingle Manufacturer in America. GAF offer certifications to the most qualified roofing contractors. Integrity is one of the 2% of roofing contractors who have received the GAF Master Elite Contractor Certification™. We are also a GAF President’s Club Member™. This means that Integrity uses the best shingles in the industry and is certified in installing them properly. Installation is important because if the shingles are not installed correctly or with not enough nails in the shingles, then the shingles could come off in the wind or cause leaks. GAF Master Elite contractors are also the only contractors that can offer the Golden Pledge Warranty which we talk about in reason #2. 

2.Lifetime Warranty

Integrity and GAF offer two types of warranties, the GAF System Plus and GAF Golden Pledge. Both of these warranties have an overall coverage period of a lifetime. The up-front coverage period is for 50 years. Most shingle warranties have an up-front coverage period of 10 years. All GAF shingles have a wind warranty of 130mph with special installation. You can find out more about Lifetime Warranties on our site! Make sure you choose a local roofing company that offers amazing warranties for your roof!

3.No Mess Left Behind

Roof installation can be very messy. The last thing Integrity wants to do is ruin your curb appeal. That is why we a No Mess Left Behind policy. We promise to make your yard look better than we found it. If you have a beautiful landscape, you can be sure that none of it will be wrecked. Our workers are trained to clean up FAST! Other contractors will throw debris off the roof with no regard to your yard. Integrity Roofing and Exteriors is the local roofing company that cares!

4.On Time Everytime

How many times have you waited all day for a serviceman to show up at your house. They usually give you a large time slot that they will show up and they still end up being late! Not with Integrity Roofing and Exteriors! We have an On Time Everytime policy! We will show up when we say we will or call ahead if we are going to be late, guaranteed! 

5.One Day Roof Install

A new roof in one day??? With Integrity Roofing and Exteriors, it’s possible. We can tear off your old roof and install a new one in just one day AND leave no mess behind. Most roofing companies can install a roof in 3 days. Imagine coming home from work and you have a brand new roof! A faster installation means that less labor costs for you. Our One Day Roof Installation is not guaranteed only because very large homes can take longer than one day. If you home is very large then it might take 2-3 days. Still shorter than what other contractors can promise! 

Integrity Roofing and Exteriors is the clear choice when picking a roofing contractor in Southern Illinois and surrounding areas. We mark all the boxes on your checklist and more. If you need financing, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call to get a FREE estimate on your roof!