Frequently Asked Questions

A new roof, roof repair, or roof inspection…whatever your intended project is, it can get pretty confusing as to the process. When you contract with Integrity Roofing and Exteriors, you can rest easy knowing the whole process is spelled out beforehand. We know you have many questions about our services, so check out these FAQs for more information on roofing or any of our other services. If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact us!

How much damage must occur to my roof for me to make an insurance claim?

It doesn’t have to be a lot. In fact, hail the size of a marble can cause lots of damage depending on how long and how hard it falls.

My roof is very old. Will my insurance even pay for the replacement costs?

Yes, insurance policies are written with replacement costs in mind, so old roofs are just as insured as new ones. You should not have to worry about the age of your roof.

What does the claim payout process involve?

Upon claim approval, the insurance company will issue payment to you and your mortgage company (if you are still making payments on the house). Integrity Roofing will accept the initial insurance payment as a deposit to perform the repairs, then we will send a bill to your insurance company for the remaining amount. You will only have to pay your deductible unless of course, you add optional upgrades.

Your company provides inspections as a free service. Is there a catch?

No. As your professional independent insurance restoration contractor, we provide professional estimating and damage inspection services as a free service to our valued customers. We just ask that you allow us to make most of the repairs for the amounts that your insurance company will find agreeable. It’s simple: the more thorough a job we do when it comes to damage inspection and the resulting professional insurance estimate, the bigger repair jobs we can earn.

This sounds like an insurance scam. Is it?

No. An insurance scam occurs when a person damages their property on purpose in any way, such as through arson, and then files a false claim to get reimbursement. We will never help with a claim if we learn that someone intentionally damaged their property. When it comes to storm damage claims, these are legitimate.

If my premiums go up when I file a claim, will the insurance company cancel my policy?

This may be disallowed if you have a “no claims” discount; however we have never seen a policy cancelled due to storm damage claims.

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