The Benefits of a Roofing Coating System

There are numerous benefits to liquid applied roofing to your residential or commercial building.

Generally speaking there are two types of roofs that are typically good candidates for roof coatings: metal roofs and low-slope roofs. Both of these roofs are typically found in residential or commercial buildings. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with applying a roof coating to your building.

Cool Roof Systems

The US Department of Energy defines a cool roof as any roof designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat. Standard or conventional roofs can reach up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, while cool roofs can stay up to 60 degrees cooler.  Cool roofs end goal is to keep your building cool during the hot summer months and save you money on your air conditioning needs. In addition to this, cool roofs decrease the temperature of the roofing surface, which slows the degradation of the roof while extending the roof’s life.

One of the most affordable ways to transform a typical roof into a cool roof is by applying a roof coat system. Roof coatings can be used on both residential and commercial buildings to effectively reflect near-infrared energy and UV radiation. 

Leak Proof Roof Coating

Liquid applied roofing coating systems can prevent water damage or leaking on many roofs.

Properly installed, roof coatings are sprayed onto the entire surface of your roof to waterproof and fully seal your roof. If applied by an experienced and trusted roofing professional, roof coatings don’t have any patches or seams, making your roof completely watertight. If you don’t want to worry about your roof leaking the next time a storm blows through Southern Illinois/ Western Ky., you can have peace of mind by having your roof coated.

Life-Time Warranty Plus Cost Effective

As we mentioned in the section about cool roofs, applying a roof coating can provide your building with energy savings. Once you have a roof coating on your roof, you will notice that your building stays cooler in the summer months, meaning you don’t have to run your air conditioning as much. For some home and business owners, this means downsizing their HVAC equipment.

Roof coatings also extend the life of your roof. Most roofs, whether commercial or residential, need significant repairs or replacements every few years. Because a roof coating makes your roof waterproof and less susceptible to UV degradation, you won’t need to repair or replace your roof as frequently.  Once your roof is installed, you can settle in, knowing your roof will last for decades. Best of all, your roof coating is 100% tax deductible, a unique characteristic that will save you more money.

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