A career with Integrity is more than just a job it’s a career. Working for Integrity is an opportunity to grow as a leader and as a person. We train our team members to be better leaders by providing them with opportunities to grow. Through the use of leadership books, classroom training, and coaching we are committed to our promise to be a leadership development company for our team members.

Not only do we want our leaders to showcase their leadership skills at work by providing expert opinions and craftsmanship, but we also encourage each of our team members to be involved in their communities as active leaders. Whether they volunteer to coach a youth softball team or work with a volunteer fire department to protect their community, we love to see our team members get involved. As a company, Integrity is the Illinois roofing company that is involved in the community and will assist in finding opportunities for everyone to serve.

Why We Lead

At Integrity, the difference is our people. We share common values of integrity, respect, and trust. These are all values that are demonstrated best by strong leaders who have the dedication to uphold them.  Additionally, we believe that as strong leaders, we use our time, talent, and treasure to help make the world a better place and put others in a position to succeed. We have spent many years building a strong sense of belonging in our company culture, to promote the spirit of service amongst our team members. You will find that every Integrity team member not only loves where they live but actively works to better the local community whenever and wherever they can. That is the Integrity difference. Reach out today or find us on social media to hear about the upcoming events we are involved in or feel free to leave us suggestions on future events you think we would be a good fit for. We always love hearing from the wonderful people that make up our community. Follow our campaign for community betterment!

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“Our mission is to help our customers protect what matters most by serving with character and purpose that brings honor to God”

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