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1 Day Roof Install

On average, to install a roof it takes up to 3 days. So, by comparison at Integrity Roofing, the average new roof installation or roof repair only takes 1 DAY to COMPLETE! That’s right – the tear-off and replacement of most roofs is accomplished on a single day with no mess left behind.

Once you’ve decided it’s time to install a new roof, odds are you’ll want it done fast, with as little disruption as possible. But, trying to relax inside your house while a roofing crew is hammering and nailing above you is not pleasant for most people and pets.  But, that’s where Integrity Roofing can provide you more value. Our assurance that your 25 square, or less, roof will be replaced the same day means that your property is cleaner, water tight and back to normal before you know it. However, larger homes in the area can take up to 2 to 3 days to complete due to the magnitude and complexity (The average roofer typically takes 5 – 7 days).

Why Don’t You Guarantee your 1 Day Roof Installation?

Our goal is always to have a roof done in a day but there are many variables that can upset the normal flow of a project. And, some of these are accounted for before work starts but other issues can crop up during the replacement. For instance, here are some examples of problems that can delay a roof installation:


  • Weather – Mother nature can change her mind very quickly!
  • Multiple layers of shingles to remove
  • Flashing issues
  • Rotted decking to replace



  • Minimal disruption for pets
  • Lower costs – Our efficient practices keep our pricing low even with a large crew (6 laborers complete in 1 day what 3 can do in 3-4 days). Cutting out the travel expenses and a possible 2nd day (for the average size home)racks up the savings. A well-organized large crew can work in waves to speed up the process.
  • Avoid damage and delays – Unexpected weather events can throw a re-roof project off course.
  • Cleaner grounds – Waste, dumpsters, equipment, and materials left on your property overnight tends to be a turnoff. Integrity leaves no mess behind!
  • No missed work – a one day roof job is usually done between the time you leave for work in the morning and come home in the evening.


Integrity Roofing’s skilled professionals know how to complete their individual jobs, work as a team, and install the specific products used to manufacturer guidelines.  And, due to their experience it will insure that your roof is done professionally and will stand the test of time. In short, Integrity is a local roof repair contractor that you can trust.

Each customer’s roof project is assigned an on site project manager who oversees the installation, photo documents our inspection process, and Keeps in contact with the homeowner during the entire process. Although our roof repair contractors move at a pace faster than our competitors quality is NEVER sacrificed. Lastly, after the completion of construction we do a final walk around the property with you to ensure you are pleased with the results.


Integrity Does it Right

All of this and Integrity Roofing offers the strongest material and workmanship warranties in the industry, being backed by GAF, the nation’s largest & oldest shingle manufacturer.

If you are looking for superior workmanship, completed in a timely manner, while using only the highest quality materials, contact us at Integrity Roofing to schedule your roof inspection!

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