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When you choose Integrity Roofing & GAF you get more!

As both a GAF Master Elite Contractor™ and a GAF President’s Club Member™, Integrity Roofing Company is proud of the relationship it has with America’s #1 Shingle Manufacturer. For instance, we predominantly install GAF roofing systems for our clients. Why? Because of the wide range of styles, overall value, and stellar warranties GAF provides. Our own prowess for above grade installations is due to the fact that we clearly understand GAF’s products. And, we fully recommend their use. However, if you need a roof that is both attractive and long-lasting then you need the winning combo of the roofing specialists at Integrity Roofing and GAF. And, GAF is confident enough to put their name behind this trustworthy local roofing specialist.

We’ve taken the time to present the various shingle series we use the most. Via the links below, you can check out the shingler series that we know and love. And, it’s true that most homeowners look to the affordable Timberline series in most cases. But, the many designer series are also growing in popularity. However, our clients across the Midwest have come to see the added value in durability that designer shingles bring to their home. We’ve only left out a couple of series that we simply don’t touch much.  For example, we have not included the Marquis 3 Tab and the more costly Camelot I and Grand Canyon. For more options please visit GAF.

When you choose Integrity Roofing & GAF you get more!

As a GAF Master Elite roofing specialist, we are able to provide more value to our Southern Illinois homeowners. In short, only 3% or less of the roofing companies in the regions we serve have what it takes to earn this classification from GAF.

  • Get the best asphalt shingles available
    They aren’t just the best-selling shingles out there. GAF has won more awards than any other manufacture!
  • Know that our installers are GAF factory trained roofing specialists
    Not only do we train our crews, but GAF also helps our installers stay up to date with their products and guidelines.
  • Gain Exclusive Access to Top Warranties
    Once you have the best roof it’s time to make sure it’s backed up for life.
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