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Did your home suffer damage at the hands of a storm? Struggling to finance the cost of a new roof? Severe damage to your roof can not only jeopardize your safety, but it can make your feel uncomfortable in your own home. We strive to help you protect what matters most at Integrity. Integrity knows that you want your home to be repaired correctly as fast as possible. And, we know that you want it as cost-effective as it can be. These are all three top priorities for the team at Integrity. Our team will inspect your roof and complete a professional roof inspection of your property.  Don’t let a damaged roof cause you stress. Instead, call the team at Integrity. We are here to serve you.

The Insurance Claim Process

Let our team at Integrity protect you with our simple and effective insurance claims process. Your Integrity claims advocate will walk you through all of the following steps:

  • A full roof and exterior inspection
  • A video evaluation and inspection of damage
  • Assitance in providing measurements, dimensions, colors, photos, and much more to your insurance company.
  • Follow up to ensure you receive payment from the insurance company
  • Offer to repair your damaged property.

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Why Integrity?

At Integrity, we have a highly trained group of insurance professionals that specialize in building relationships with insurance companies and insurance adjusters. We have worked hard to build a good reputation with a large number of insurance adjusters and companies in Southern Illinois & Western Kentucky.  Our team is here to serve you and make sure that all parties involved get what is needed to complete the process from start to finish. We will work with your claim in a fast, friendly, and professional manner. The cost of a new roof or repair will never be a problem at Integrity

Do you feel like you had a claim unfairly denied?

Was your insurance claim denied or do you feel like you received a small or partial roof settlement from your insurance company? If you are not happy with your insurance settlement, our team and process can help! We have experience in pursuing insurance recovery dollars is thorough and guarantees you the best possible result in the least amount of time!  Remember every customer is entitled to a re-inspection from their insurance company.

Storm Damage Concerns

Storms in the midwest occur every year, mainly in the spring and fall. When is a good time to schedule a free roof inspection? One time to have an inspection is after a storm has produced hailstones in excess of 1 inch or bigger. The same is true for wind storms with sustained speeds over 50 mph. This is especially important if the rain was heavy as well. Broken branches/limbs, fallen trees, or winds in excess of 70 mph often destroy a roof and require immediate action. For all of these situations, we have solutions and will work with your insurance company to help find a quick & fair resolution.

Concerns Caused by Hail

It’s hard to detect hail damage, especially looking at your roof from the ground. Did you know if your area has experienced a hailstorm, there’s a possibility that the hail has picked your roof enough to cause a harmful amount of granule loss? Not only will this void the manufacturers warranty but it will shorten the life expectancy of your roof.

Hail damage can dent your gutters and your air-conditioning unit. If you notice wet spots on your ceilings, dents in cars, cracks in windows and siding it could also mean that you have had hail damage to your roof. If you have noticed any of these things it’s time to call Integrity for a free video inspection.

Wind Damage Concerns

Wind can lift shingles which can severely damage a roof. Older shingles and discontinued defective shingles are typically brittle and can fall apart easily. Poorly installed shingles are also at risk for numerous reasons – much of this has to do with the ridge caps which are at critical points of water intrusion. After a strong windstorm with 60 mph of sustained winds, ridge caps with issues can be affected.

Your Insurance Claim

Your insurance company’s claim deadline can vary, but most insurers require that claims be filed within a limited time frame. Contact your insurance agent to find out the details about your individual claim deadline.

We represent you as the homeowner throughout the process. Filing a claim can be confusing and overwhelming, but our Insurance Claim Specialists persist until your insurance company has all the required information to complete your claim.

We will provide you with all the necessary information, explain the process to you, and help you regarding your insurance claim.

The truth about your insurance company

If a storm has recently damaged your home, your first thought is probably “Oh great, now my insurance premiums are going to shoot through the roof.” The truth is, your insurance company won’t lay the blame completely on you for increased rates. They however are not prohibited from raising rates for everyone in an area. If your home sustains damage and you don’t file a claim, you still may end up paying more after the insurance company hikes rates to cover other repairs in your local area.

Getting a quote from a reputable, professional, and independent roof repair company ensures that all aspects of the job run smoothly. In addition, it will lower the cost of a new roof.  We will work with you to navigate the process so both parties get what is needed to get the job completed in a timely fashion and with integrity.

When you need a roof repair, choose your contractor wisely

If your roof is leaking or just damaged, it may occur to you to try to fix the damage yourself to avoid the cost of a new roof. If you wish to proceed in filing an insurance claim, it’s not in your best interests to do the work on your own without help from a professional. If your home is fairly new and is under a builder’s warranty, you may believe you’re protected. However, builder’s warranties usually do not cover damage from storms.

A knowledgeable professional completing repairs on the damage to your roof and helping navigate you through the insurance claim process will help maintain the resale value of your home. After a storm, it’s typical to see many people acting as professionals  come from everywhere to fix your roof. You’ve probably heard that you need to be careful about such individuals going door-to-door, but in the confusion after a big storm, it’s easy to be taken in.

If a contractor does come knocking on your door to solicit your business, do some research. Spend some time checking into the company to ensure that it has a good reputation and has legitimate training, insurance and licensing to perform the needed work.

Training makes all the difference

Knowledgeable inspectors consider your entire roof on a systems basis to evaluate damage and determine whether minor or significant repairs will be required. Qualified inspectors also undergo thorough training to locate hard-to-spot damage that could result in roof failure and compromise your home’s safety.

Specialized knowledge is paramount

Our process is to connect you with one of our highly knowledgeable, qualified representatives. They will be focusing not only on inspecting but also on assisting you to get the roof your family deserves.  The representative will understand your individual claim deadline and other information required for a successful resolution.

In the heat of the moment after a storm, you may be tempted to let the first contractor you see fix the damage. But your roofing system is vital to protecting your family and preserving the structural integrity and resale value of your home. Trust only reputable, certified professionals with such an important job.

“Our mission is to help our customers protect what matters most by serving with character and purpose that brings honor to God”

For help anytime, contact Integrity Roofing

If your insurance company has denied your claim, already had work done or maybe just had your roof inspected, Integrity Roofing can help. If you call us as soon as the damage occurs we can get far ahead of the curve even before your insurance company has inspected your home. We will do our best to help you get your home repaired in a timely fashion and your life back to normal as quickly as possible. The cost of a new roof should not be something people have to fear. Ready to get your claim? Contact the insurance experts at Integrity Roofing today or find us on Facebook! Let our Southern Illinois or Western Kentucky team help you get the claim you deserve. Trust the team that works with Integrity.



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